WordPress Plugin for Exams and Tests: Watu

If you want to run a quiz, exam, or test in your blog this plugin called Watu will do the work quickly and easily. It’s fairly simple to get started:

1. Create your test

Install the plugin, and activate it first of course. Then go to Tools -> Watu Exams and create one. The only thing you have to enter is the exam title. The final screen which is shown to the user after completing the test has some pre-defined content which is good enough in many cases. Of course you can edit it.


2. Define your grades

It doesn’t matter whether you want to run a real test with grading or some kind of funny quiz. In both cases you will want to show some result to the user based on their responses. This is where the grading part comes into the game. You can add any number of grades and for each of them define “from/to” points. You might be a little confused here because you have not created your questions yet. But you can always come back and add the grading later when you know how many questions you’ll have and how many points can be collected.

3. Create your questions

Once the test/exam is saved you will be able to go to manage your questions. Watu supports three question types: single-answer (radio buttons), multiple-answer (checkboxes) and open-end (essay). For single-answer and multiple-answer questions you need to enter the possible answers from which the user will choose. And here are the points – assign some points (you can even use negative numbers!) to each possible answer. The user will be assigned the points corresponding to their answers and thus the final result or grade will get calculated.

4. List of results

Watu also presents you a handy list of users who took given test along with their results. This makes it appropriate for all kind of surveys or learning classes etc.

5. Watu PRO

Watu has a PRO version called Watu PRO which is a lot (a LOT!) more feature rich. I will not write a review for the pro version now, but you can check it out on the site. It’s presented with very detailed screenshots, feature lists, and live demos. The pro version has several additional modules and plugins that can extend it further. This makes a super-flexible and very rich in features exam/quizzes system that’s still very easy to use.

Both Watu and WatuPRO are regularly updated and have very responsive support.

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