How To Use Contact Form 7 To Subscribe For Newsletter

Do you know which is the most popular WordPress plugin for contact forms? It takes a second to check the most popular plugin list at and figure out this is Contact Form 7. The plugin has been downloaded nearly 18 million times. Quite impressive.

And this is for a good reason – Contact Form 7 is really easy to use and the form design is pretty customizable.

Only if it could do something more than just sending you contact form inquiry!

Wait, actually it can.

Contact Form 7 Integrations

Fortunately Contact Form 7 (like all free WordPress plugins) has an open source code which allows other plugin authors plug their functionality into the contact form.
Some plugin authors will go as far as integrating their custom fields in the Generate Tag selector. Such example is MailPoet:



The problem with MailPoet is that its free version has a limit of 2,000 subscribers and the premium version is cloud-based with a monthly fee. So I prefer to use a little gem called Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter. It’s not only completely free but also offers auto-responder functionality which is very useful for delivering email courses or marketing campaigns.

Integrating Contact Form 7 with Arigato Autoresponder

BFT Autoresponder and Newsletter makes integration even easier. Instead of having to select a field you simply copy the shortcode and place it anywhere in your contact form. The integration shortcode can be configured and copied from a page that is linked from the main plugin settings page. Here is how it looks:




So here is how to do the integration step-by-step:

1. Install and activate Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter

2. Go to the Arigato Light -> Settings page in your menu


3. On this page you will see a link “Integrate in Contact Form” just under the Signup Formintegrate


4. Click on it and you’ll get to the page already shown which gives you the shortcode

5. Then go to edit your contact form:



6. Paste the shortcode in the form. Feel free to edit the “Subscribe to mailing list” text


7. That’s it! Now your Contact Form 7 contact form contains a checkbox for subscribing into your free mailing list:


8. Now when user sends you contact message, they will also be subscribed in your mailing list (unless they uncheck the checkbox). Depending on your double opt-in setting the user will either be activated instantly or will be sent confirmation message.

The autoresponder plugin has also a pro version which we have reviewed here. It also integrates with Contact form 7 and gives you option to select mailing list and plug custom fields from the list directly into the contact form.

I love WordPress open philosophy and all the integration between plugins of independent developers.


  1. How to send newsletter for all subscribers. and how to send newsletter to particular ?

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