How to Get Traffic From StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery

Last time in our series on StumbleUpon, we took a look at exactly what the service is and how it works. In this, the second of a three-piece series, we’ll take a look at the basics of obtaining traffic from StumbleUpon via a paid campaign.

How to Get Traffic From StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery

[adsense_id=”1″] If you’re looking to send a surge of traffic to a new website or blog, StumbleUpon’s advertising options may be a lucrative and easy way to achieve instant results. StumbleUponAds (also known as Paid Discovery) allows webmasters to submit a page on their sites or blogs that is shown to StumbleUpon users as they stumble through a series of websites. It has quickly become a popular choice for bloggers who wish to advertise their new blogs, as the traffic received is purely organic – the best type of traffic you can get, even if it is particularly fickle!

All in all, Paid Discovery is an easy advertising vehicle; in fact, it doesn’t even require you to manually create advertisements. Instead, you simply select a website URL that you would like the traffic directed to, and the community at large will take care of the reviews, extra tags, and “likes”. You can target your pages to be seen throughout specific categories, or base it on demographics. This enables you to really target who sees what pages.

As for price settings, you can choose your maximum daily spending limit, to ensure that you stay within your intended budget and, perhaps best of all, you can pay using either a credit card or via Paypal, the payment portal of choice for many webmasters.

As your campaign runs, you will be given full statistics, including a visible chart on how many visitors actually viewed your website, how many gave you a “thumbs up” (or down), and so on. This helps you test the effectiveness of your ad-copy, and modify if needed.

If you’re particularly careful when creating your ad campaigns and aim your traffic at truly likable, pertinent content, expect to receive a lot more traffic then you actually paid for. The more people who like your website when they visit, the more traffic you will continue to get, at no extra cost.

Just How Popular Is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is growing at a rapid pace, with the company reporting more than 10,000,000 users and 25 billion “stumbles” as of 2010; to add to the site’s credibility, you may recall that both eBay and Google were in a bidding war over the company only a few short years ago. eBay ended up buying the company for $75 million in 2007, before the original investors and owners reacquired it in 2009.

Despite its sheer size, the potential for targeted, organic and steady traffic with StumbleUpon is quite under-estimated, especially by newer bloggers who aren’t aware of just how feasible social networks like StumbleUpon really is. Don’t make the same mistake – an ad campaign doesn’t have to have loads of activity to become a popular choice by Stumblers, and this presents a value to advertisers not found in other social networks. All you need are a handful of “Thumbs Up” to reach hundreds of visitors.

The key to utilizing Stumblers is to focus on designing your website so that it attracts your Stumbler visitors within the first few seconds of their landing on your page. Typically, that’s all the time you have to make an impression and encourage them to “thumbs up” the page, bookmark, or move onto another page within your site.

With the basics of using StumbleUpon to generate traffic out of the way, we’ll have a look next time at a few tips and tricks to making the most of your campaign, paid and otherwise.


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