Review of 5 WordPress Plugins for Hotels

If you are a hotel owner with no web presence you can buy some of the hotel reservation systems + front-end for few thousand dollars yearly fee. If you have a large hotel I recommend you to do this expense. Not that the websites these systems generate are so great but their reservation and room management systems are really required for large hotels.

But if you have a small family hotel, hostel, or BnB, you don’t need and shouldn’t spend that much. You can have your hotel site created with WordPress and have a simple room reservation system powered by specialized hotel plugins. I am going to make a quick review of the 5 most promising plugins for this.

Beds24 Online Booking


This plugin will provide a booking system for your site that connects to multiple online booking sites (see here). The plugin itself is free but comes with a reasonable monthly fee for your online account at Beds 24.  It’s one of these “everything for everyone” solutions that have a bit more features than you’ll probably need, and generally has more complicated setup that I would like to have.

On the plus side, the plugin seems to be well maintained and supported.

CP Reservation Calendar


CP Reservation Calendar isn’t strictly a hotel plugin. It’s a multi-purpose booking tool that allows even part-day reservations. The plugin looks much easier to use than Beds24  although it does not have any of the hotel-specific stuff like connecting to online booking sites etc.

It is however completely free so you can have a look and see if it will fit your needs.

Booking Calendar


Finally something that seems more appropriate for hotel owners without requesting online registration and recurring fees. This plugin has a free and multiple premium versions. The prices are between $119 and $2,499 so I wouldn’t call it the most budget solution. But the features are rather extensive and fit well the needs of the small to medium hotel owner:

  • Booking reservations
  • Email notifications
  • Widgets
  • Booking list and editing bookings
  • Online payments
  • Flexible rates
  • Exports

And a lot more. If you have a hotel as your primary business it shouldn’t bother you to spend some cash and buy some of the premium versions. Looking at the free version page on WordPress you’ll see support requests are answered professional and on time. There are mostly good reviews. Some of the bad ones are from crazy bastards 🙂



Hostel is a relatively new plugin with a free and modestly priced pro version. The plugin is really unique because it explicitly focuses on hostels, small family hotels and BnBs. So in this sense it fits exactly what you need. It doesn’t yet have thousands of features but they are getting added and things improved quickly. The most important you need is available even now:

  • Booking calendars
  • Room managements
  • Flexible pricing, promo codes, discounts etc
  • Booking management
  • Email notifications
  • Reports and charts

And a lot more. The plugin is perfect choice for someone with small hotel or hostel. There are no integrations with online booking sites at the moment however.



This plugin also has a free and premium version, and the premium is not too expensive. I am most impressed by the good looking booking calendar here (from the admin side). The plugin output a few debug notices (I have my test WordPress installation set at debug mode) but this is nothing to write home about – unfortunately most plugins aren’t properly coded. The main disadvantage here is that the plugin is a bit hard to understand and use, and there is no good “getting started” guide. At least not one that’s easy to find!

Still, looking at the premium features I think this one is worth a try if you have the time to learn it.

P.S. Why am I not ranking the plugins and giving stars? Because I think it’s dull. I am pissed of by so called plugin reviewers who spent five minutes on a plugin and then rank based on their good feel and the reviews on All plugins are different and have different purposes. Comparing them is comparing apples to oranges. Instead of being know-it-all jerk, I am just sharing my personal impressions.

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