MoolaMojo – A Virtual Currency Plugin for WordPress

I stumbled upon a new interesting WordPress plugin – MoolaMojo.

It’s one of these little systems that let you reward points (virtual credits, coins, whatever you like to call it) to users for doing various actions on your site. The plugin comes with some pre-built actions like logging in, posting a comment, clicking on link etc.
But this is not the most interesting part. The real power is that this plugin allows very easy (and I mean really very easy) for other plugins or your custom code to reward coins too – see their Developes page.

The plugin is similar to myCRED but still much simpler. It’s both a negative and positive here because simplicity makes it very easy to use.

There are few other really interesting thing it does however:

  • It lets you sell products, services, downloadables and just about anything for virtual credits. This happens by just publishing a button shortcode. The orders are stored in the Orders page for manual processing, but the plugin fires action on completing the order so a custom function can handle it and deliver the purchase.
  • It can be used as payment method for other plugins – I see the popular free LMS Namaste! LMS has already integrated it.

You can also sell packages of virtual coins instead of (or in addition to) having users earn them. This is like selling them credits to buy things from you or to play a game in your site etc.

This plugin is still new but I see it quite promising. The power of these systems is that they can be used for just about everything and connect different services, plugins and functions in your site having users to earn and spend virtual money. Such gamification can bring you a huge boost of user’s participation in your site. This can turn out to be useful especially for various kind of education sites. No surprise the plugin is built by a company which is already strong in the education niche.

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