KnownHost VPS Hosting Review

When you’re searching for a comfortable home for your online efforts, be they of a personal or business nature, you want the utmost in security, availability, and reliability from the hosting service that you honor with your business. Unfortunately, finding a host that suits your requirements is easier said than done.

It’s not that there aren’t a variety of quality web hosts out there; rather, it’s that there are so many web hosts that finding a single gem among them can be not only tedious, but near-impossible without hands-on experience. Luckily, we have that experience, and it has lead us to the best host that we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with: KnownHost.


KnownHost is only one of many VPS providers to be found online, but the sheer joy of working with them is not comparable to any of the more than 10 hosting firms that I’ve used in previous years.

KnownHost VPS Plans

In order to ensure that it covers people of varying hosting needs, from low-key bloggers to big businesses, KnownHost offers no less than seven variations of VPS plans, each handily numbered and offering an increasing level of technical specs, bandwidth, and storage allowances.

The VPS Plans range in price from $25 per month to $120 per month, with a sliding scale offering decent discounts when a full year of service is paid for in advance, allowing even the most budget-conscious of us to obtain good, reliable hosting.

KnownHost Support

When it comes to support services, I simply cannot say enough about KnownHost. Ideally, you don’t want to have to resort to official help from a hosting company, if only because you know that they will not share your urgency in solving whatever problem that you happen to be facing, but that isn’t the case here.

I’ve had the need to contact KnownHost for assistance a total of six times in the two years that I’ve been using them, with each of those six requests regarding problems that were either caused by me, or were otherwise not a fault of KnownHost’s network or machinery. Despite that fact, agents responded within 25 minutes of my request on all six occasions, helping me to resolve the issue within minutes and always explaining their process to me in order to educate me in the event that I faced similar trouble down the road.

Besides being incredibly helpful, each of the three agents that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with were also incredibly friendly, a trait that is unfortunately rare in the support and services industry.


With hosting playing such a huge role in the field that I have been working in for more than 12 years now, please take me at face value when I say that finding a good, reliable, and affordable host can be beyond difficult. Thankfully, if you’re looking for an affordable VPS hosting solution on a small budget, KnownHost offers the kind of stability and top-notch service that sets them above the crowd.

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  1. Hello – thank you for writing this review of KnownHost. I agree, they are a great provider, and I’ve had them running my WordPress blog now for about three years. The glitches that I’ve had have been handled very promptly, and the service has been friendly. I recommend giving them a try.

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