How to Disable Comments in WordPress

While WordPress provides us with the functionality to disable comments on individual posts, you need to take extra steps if you want to disable commenting on a site-wide basis, but fear not: a relatively new plugin has eliminated the need to play with the code in your theme directly, allowing you to turn comments on and off as needed with only the click of a button!


The Disable Comments plugin for WordPress is a self-explaining add-on for your WordPress website that offers only three main options after it’s been activated:

  • Disable comments on posts.
  • Disable comments on pages.
  • Disable comments on media.

You’ll find a few aesthetic options along for the ride, but they will not affect the functionality of your users’ experience.

As an added bonus, you’ll even find the ability to install this plugin in so-called “Persistent Mode,” allowing it to make changes to your database that will permanently remove the ability to comment on them. While this feature won’t appeal to most of us, there are many circumstances where you may like to do this, and now you can achieve instant results without the need to make any manual changes to your database.

If you need to disable comments on your WordPress blog or website, you’ll not find a faster or easier way to achieve it than by using the absolutely free Disable Comments plugin!

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