Fusion WordPress Theme Review

When dark colors and big design elements interact on a website, the outcome is often left up in the air; for every beautifully constructed offering, there are more than a few busy messes that are simply too much to navigate – but not so with the Fusion WordPress theme by Elegant Themes! Where you’re looking […]

Nimble WordPress Theme Review

Big and bold is the name of the game with the Nimble WordPress theme by ElegantThemes, offering a perfect mix of room to highlight key points or products, along with the whitespace you need to let your textual content do the talking! The idea behind Nimble is a cross between a full-featured one page design […]

Modern Portfolio WordPress Theme Review

Whether you’re a web designer, a writer, a photographer, or anything else, being a successful freelancer means presenting your portfolio of work to potential clients in the most compelling way possible, and the Modern Portfolio WordPress theme for the Genesis framework makes that job an easy one! When it comes to presenting your talents, you […]

Decor8ted WordPress Theme Review

Offering a distinctly soft and presentable face for your blog, the Decor8ted WordPress theme for the Genesis framework is a lesson in femininity – but that doesn’t make it suitable only about lady blogs! Like the MomPreneur theme for Genesis, Decor8ted provides you with a snappy, unique color palette that, while busy with tones and […]

Megalithe WordPress Theme Review

The Genesis framework is known for being flaunted by more than 30 premium themes developed by StudioPress and its partners alone, but one complaint that is sometimes heard revolves around the general simplicity of most Genesis themes; while they do very well at what they’re intended for, many themes just aren’t as flexible as some […]

MomPreneur WordPress Theme Review

Well-known for their fresh and funky female designers, StudioPress has managed to bring a uniquely ladylike flare to themes built on the Genesis framework, and that’s exactly what’s in store for you with the MomPreneur WordPress theme. Design-wise, MomPreneur is nothing if not unique, offering color styles like “Gray and Chartreuse” and “Gray and Coral,” […]

Metro WordPress Theme Review

If you’ve been looking for a premium news or magazine style WordPress theme that will turn your blog from drab to professionally punchy, the new Metro theme from the folks at StudioPress could very well be exactly what you need! Featuring a clean white design over a full-sized background image, Metro offers the immediate look […]

Apparition WordPress Theme Review

Whether you’re a photographer looking to show the best of your scenes and shots, or a graphic designer in need of a beautiful online portfolio, the Apparition theme for WordPress, built on the Genesis framework, presents an opportunity to let your talent really shine! Not only is Apparition minimal as far as design elements are […]

Mindstream WordPress Theme Review

Have a jumble of thoughts that you’d like to share with the world? WordPress is a great start in giving you a soapbox on which to stand, but the Mindstream theme, built on the Genesis framework, is the perfect final addition in making things neat, organized, and great to look at! A very unique WordPress […]

eleven40 WordPress Theme Review

If you take the time to ask yourself why you started (or want to start) blogging, you’ll surely end up with an answer that focuses much more on your writing skills and choice of topic than your blog’s design, and that almost certainly means that you’d rather be spending your time creating content than struggling […]