Backcountry WordPress Theme Review

Big and bold are the words that come to mind when you take a look at the Backcountry WordPress theme, a design that instantly makes itself known as a worthy option for any website in any niche! While its look is fairly standard among themes built on the Genesis framework, Backcountry offers a few surprises […]

Blissful WordPress Theme Review

Using interesting typography and light, airy colors, the Blissful WordPress theme for the Genesis framework is a lesson in putting a fresh face to the world, no matter what niche your website resides in! Designed with a wedding-oriented concept in mind, Blissful attempts to let its design elements fade into the background while the text […]

Associate WordPress Theme Review

Clean – there simply isn’t a better word to describe the Associate WordPress theme for the Genesis framework, especially when you take a peek at it in its stock blue colors! Intended as a corporate showcase, Associate has the ability to turn even the most boring of niche websites into an online destination worth talking […]

Amped WordPress Theme Review

A themed theme – the very concept can cause worry about the narrowness of a design, but striking the right match with the type of website that you’re looking to present to the world can make all of the difference, and that is most definitely the case where the Amped WordPress theme is concerned. Built […]

Agency WordPress Theme Review

Dark, sleek, and offering beautiful textual clarity, the Agency WordPress theme, built on the Genesis framework, is a lesson in professional presentation, no matter what your website is offering! Working with the idea that first impressions are of the utmost importance in business, the design team behind the Agency theme has taken an approach that […]

Pretty Pictures WordPress Theme Review

With everyone and their mother owning and using high-powered digital cameras, staying ahead of the photographic crowd can be difficult for even the most talented of shutterbugs, but the Pretty Pictures WordPress theme for the Genesis framework is one tool that promises to set your portfolio above the rest in an instant! As the name […]

Balance WordPress Theme Review

No matter what niche you’re designing for these days, minimal is the way to go, and the Balance WordPress theme, built on the powerful Genesis framework, does minimal in a unique and compelling way! Featuring a large call-to-action area alongside an email subscription box in the header, the Balance theme immediately gives the appearance of […]

Fabric8ted WordPress Theme Review

Looking for a fun and funky coat of paint for your WordPress website? Look no further than the Fabric8ted theme for the Genesis framework, a wonderful combination of punchy colors and solid features that will help you take your online publishing efforts to a new level! Like all other themes based on the Genesis framework, […]

AgentPress WordPress Theme Review

Real estate is a hot business right now, and the competition is stiffer than ever all around North America, but combining WordPress with the AgentPress theme, built on the Genesis framework, is an easy way to give yourself a boost above your colleagues! Considered the premiere WordPress theme for real estate agents, AgentPress brings together […]

StyleShop WordPress Theme

Selling products online has never been tougher, with stiff competition at every turn, even in the most obscure of niches, and that means that giving your website an extra edge is crucial to your success. Thankfully for the salesperson in each of us, there are a wide variety of ecommerce-based WordPress themes out there, but […]