ShopWhat WordPress Theme Review

This time I am reviewing a theme from AnyWP – ShopWhat. ShopWhat is a theme for ecommerce sites built with WordPress. The price of this theme is really low – only $18 – unless you prefer the bundle of all AnyWP themes for $60. The ShopWhat theme itself looks good and is responsive – which […]

Fabric WordPress Theme Review

Presenting a woven style that is pleasingly unique among modern web design, the Fabric WordPress theme for the Genesis framework offers you a beautiful and highly functional tapestry through which to weave your content, making for incredible results. Looking like something that should be hanging on the wall of a medieval villa, the Fabric theme […]

Focus WordPress Theme Review

In a time where everyone is looking for instant gratification where web content is concerned, letting your visitors get right to the point when they find themselves in your little corner of the web is crucial, and that’s exactly what the Focus WordPress theme, built on the Genesis framework, will help you to do for […]

Executive WordPress Theme Review

Need to add a touch of true professionalism to your website? Look no further than the Executive WordPress theme, built on the Genesis framework – a true lesson in making potential clients feel comfortable and confident when they find themselves in your little corner of the web! Everything about the Executive theme screams big and […]

Expose WordPress Theme Review

Standing out as a photographer in a world where everyone and their mother owns a camera or two can be very difficult, making the act of showing your stuff online one of the most important in gaining exposure for your talents. If that’s your goal, the Expose WordPress theme for the Genesis framework offers a […]

Enterprise WordPress Theme Review

Giving your business or brand the solid footing that it needs to be a force on the web requires the very best technology to be running in the background, and you need look no further than the Enterprise WordPress theme for the Genesis framework! While its look may be just a tad outdated, the Enterprise […]

Education WordPress Theme Review

Finding a look and feel for your WordPress website that accommodates just about any type of content you can throw at it can be difficult, but the Education theme for the Genesis framework is a lesson in laying things out the right way! Utilizing a uniquely narrow sidebar on the far right, the Education theme […]

Decor WordPress Theme Review

Combining elegant, tasteful design with a generally minimal approach can be very difficult, but the team at StudioPress has really taken the idea of delicate design up a notch with their Decor WordPress theme. Using distinctive color tones that convey wealth and privilege – gold, black, and white, for example – Decor offers your visitors […]

Crystal WordPress Theme Review

Just a glance at the Crystal WordPress theme is all that’s needed to see just how appropriate its name is, instantly showing you the possibilities of housing your own portfolio or content website within its crystal-clear confines! Built on the sturdy Genesis framework, known for its SEO features, mobile responsiveness, and general stability, the Crystal […]

Corporate WordPress Theme Review

Punchy design and fun functions are great for the average content-focused website, but where do you turn when you need a clean and polished look aimed at brand-building and product and service overviews? There aren’t many options out there to choose from, but fear not: the Corporate WordPress theme has your business covered from every […]