MoolaMojo – A Virtual Currency Plugin for WordPress

I stumbled upon a new interesting WordPress plugin – MoolaMojo. It’s one of these little systems that let you reward points (virtual credits, coins, whatever you like to call it) to users for doing various actions on your site. The plugin comes with some pre-built actions like logging in, posting a comment, clicking on link […]

Review of 5 WordPress Plugins for Hotels

If you are a hotel owner with no web presence you can buy some of the hotel reservation systems + front-end for few thousand dollars yearly fee. If you have a large hotel I recommend you to do this expense. Not that the websites these systems generate are so great but their reservation and room […]

Review of 3 WordPress Autoresponder Plugins

This is a review of the 3 best (in my opinion) newsletter and auto responder plugins for WordPress. There might be better newsletter handling ones, but my strong emphasis here will be on auto responder features because auto responders are very powerful for selling. So if you want to make money with your blog, you […]

WordPress Plugin for Exams and Tests: Watu

If you want to run a quiz, exam, or test in your blog this plugin called Watu will do the work quickly and easily. It’s fairly simple to get started: 1. Create your test Install the plugin, and activate it first of course. Then go to Tools -> Watu Exams and create one. The only […]

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

While WordPress provides us with the functionality to disable comments on individual posts, you need to take extra steps if you want to disable commenting on a site-wide basis, but fear not: a relatively new plugin has eliminated the need to play with the code in your theme directly, allowing you to turn comments on […]

Best WordPress RSS Plugin: Super RSS Reader

When it comes to displaying RSS feeds on your WordPress blog, there is a long list of plugins to choose from, not to mention the built-in widget that handles the same function in widgetized areas of your theme. When it comes to advanced options and styling, though, you’ll need the best of the best in […]