How to Reset WordPress Admin Password in phpmyadmin

If you’re a regular blogger, especially on multiple websites, than you’ve almost certainly forgotten your WordPress admin password once or twice. Thankfully, the built-in password reset function is all you need to get back to work quickly and easily. Under most circumstances, at least. What happens, though, if you forget your password and the email […]

A Quick Guide to WordPress User Roles

Whether you plan to get your readers involved in the publishing action, or you simply want to have people assist you with the everyday work of being a blogger, WordPress offers a series of useful user roles which you can assign in order to both enable and limit the people that you allow into your […]

BlackBerry PlayBook: Disappearing Dock Icons Solution

No matter what type of web development you’re involved in, it’s almost certain that you use at least one mobile device to stay connected and (working) while you’re on the go. After spending a year with an Android-based tablet, I made the move to a BlackBerry PlayBook over the holiday and, as far as work […]

How to View Source in Google Chrome

You’re surfing a website and see an element or style that catches your eye; if you’re a developer, even in the loosest sense of the word, there is a good chance that you’ll want to take a look at the website’s source code in order to see how it’s done. [adsense_id=”1″] Like most other browsers, […]

How to Increase WordPress RSS Widget Refresh Rate

[adsense_id=”1″] Have you ever displayed an RSS feed on your WordPress website, only to find that it updates the contents of the feed so rarely that it is next to useless? I noticed the problem most clearly when I prepared a selection of feeds for my own consumption, but it affects our visitors when they […]

WordPress Category Based Menus – Dynamic Coloring

[adsense_id=”1″] The menubar across the top lists the top or root categories that you’ve created. The menu is a side-sensitive flyout, meaning that depending on which side the category you click on is near it will “flag” under the category you are currently hovering over away from the nearest side. This keeps the menu flyout […]

WordPress Category Based Menus – Introduction

[adsense_id=”1″] I’ll start out by saying I like the menus on Huffington Post. While looking at them I decided to create something similar for WordPress based on categories. I spent several weeks developing a category based menu, and found the task quite challenging. The nice this is it really got my intimate with the inner […]

WordPress Category Based Menus – Parsing Hierarchical Categories

Part 2 of ? How to Use Parent Child WordPress Categories with PHP Example Code I recently needed to access top level WordPress categories and their children for a custom menu. Here is the code I use.  It took me a while to figure this out, so I’m posting it here in hopes I can make […]

How to Add Your Favicon to WP-Admin

While there aren’t many features that WordPress leaves me wanting for, one that I think is particularly important is the ability to easily include your theme’s favicon.ico file in the WordPress admin panel – not for the sake of attractive design, but rather to make bookmarks more easily identifiable. Let me tell you from experience: […]

How to Remove Page/Post Titles in Genesis Child Themes

No matter what type of WordPress development you’re involved in, it’s quite likely that you’ve come across the awesome Genesis Framework and its plethora of beautiful child themes. While we ultimately decided to go a different route in designing, we did spend some time with the clean and mobile responsive Minimum child theme on […]