How To Use Contact Form 7 To Subscribe For Newsletter

Do you know which is the most popular WordPress plugin for contact forms? It takes a second to check the most popular plugin list at and figure out this is Contact Form 7. The plugin has been downloaded nearly 18 million times. Quite impressive. And this is for a good reason – Contact Form […]

Building a Jazzy Quiz UI With jQuery and CSS

I often need to customize existing software and plugins. Recently had to apply flashy UI for one of the most popular WordPress quiz plugins – WatuPRO. Instead of selecting radio buttons and checkboxes and radio buttons, the user had to be able to click on rectangles and get a correct / incorrect checkmark right away. And […]

The Quick Start Guide To WordPress URLs and Paths: How To Include Scripts and Files

One thing that confuses a lot of WordPress theme designers and plugin developers is including files, templates, and javascript libraries. The official documentation has all the information but looking at the number of themes and plugins who get it so wrong I think it’s not well structured. Don’t worry. This guide will clear it up. […]

The Top 10 Steps To Make Your PHP Site Secure

Are you afraid to put your PHP site online because it’s unsafe? We have all been there. It’s easy to frighten when reading horror stories about hacked sites, leaked user data and so on. Probably every site can be hacked, no matter how well it’s protected. But having the most important security measures in your […]

How to Download MP3s From YouTube

YouTube has quickly become the world’s largest repository of free multimedia, making it one of the world’s most popular websites by that virtue alone. Still, for everything YouTube has to offer, it does require that you’re there, connected to the internet, in order to enjoy music and videos. Thankfully, we live in an age of […]

How to Upload Banned File Types to WordPress Media Library

When working with WordPress, most users find that the media library is one of the most helpful features they could ask for. From sorting pictures and videos with helpful, searchable descriptions, to storing files in your own personal cloud, the WordPress media manager is useful is a variety of ways, limited only by one’s needs […]

Simple SSH Commands for Working with Files

Whether you’ve got a simple VPS, a dedicated server, or even a complicated array of machines doing your web-related bidding, working with your remote server via secure shell – typically called SSH – can save you time and headaches by bypassing some of the more time-consuming methods of working with files – especially abnormally large […]

How to Perform a Database Find & Replace in phpMyAdmin

When moving a WordPress website from one domain to another, making structural changes, or simply mass modifying one piece of data or another on your site, making changes to the contents of your database usually means downloading an SQL backup, editing it manually, and then importing the updated SQL back to the database – a […]

How to Redirect Using htaccess (301)

Need to redirect one site to another? Perhaps you’re moving your WordPress website to a new location. Looking to use .htaccess to improve your site’s SEO? Maybe you need to redirect one URL to another within your WordPress website. Take a look at this quick and easy guide to the basics of 301 redirects using […]

How to Password Protect a Directory with .htaccess

When you want the best in server-side security as far as protecting documents on a web server goes, you need look no further than .htaccess. This form of security can be useful for any number of purposes, namely any situation in which you want to require a username and password to access the contents of […]