11 New Joomla Extensions That Will Be Big

Don’t forget Joomla! It’s a monster in a good way. We usually discuss WordPress here which creates the false impression that it’s the only good CMS. It’s not. Joomla! is still one of the most powerful and at the same time easy to use (unlike Drupal) content management systems. And there are tons of great […]

cPanel & WHM: A Fresh Perspective

When utilizing a particular piece of software over a long period, most of us tend to get used to things. In the case of Web Host Manager, more commonly known as WHM, that is exactly the case for me, and most likely millions of other users, as well; I had simply come to accept its […]

3 Awesome Web Dev Plugins for Firefox

With Internet Explorer 10 paving new roads in the way that our computers handle the web, it’s possible that we’re in for a new era of design standards and priorities; until then, though, there is the always trusty Firefox and its fantastic library of add-ons and plugins that make life easier for web professionals to […]