BlackBerry PlayBook: Disappearing Dock Icons Solution

BlackBerry PlayBookNo matter what type of web development you’re involved in, it’s almost certain that you use at least one mobile device to stay connected and (working) while you’re on the go. After spending a year with an Android-based tablet, I made the move to a BlackBerry PlayBook over the holiday and, as far as work is concerned, I couldn’t be more happy! Sure, there are a few apps that I’ll miss from the Android library, but I’m hoping that the recent release of BlackBerry 10 solves those app woes once and for all (assuming that new OS ever makes it way to the PlayBook).

In the meantime, though, I ran into a problem during customization that I’m sure others will face. While a bit of patience and trial and error solved it for me, there was no straightforward fix, so allow me to share the process with you here.

The Problem: Icons Disappearing From the Dock

The problem itself is a simple one: if all icons are removed from the homescreen dock at any time, the dock itself becomes a black hole for any icons that you move there in the future, causing them to disappear to parts unknown, and making the app that they represented inaccessible.

When this occurs, you’ll see this error in your notification area:

array_insert invalid array index

With a reboot not doing the trick, it took a bit of fooling around to figure things out, but the fix itself is a simple one.

The Solution

To get around this problem, you’ll need to first feed the black hole in order, presumably, to appease its hunger. Simply drag and drop all of your icons and folders into the dock, allowing them to disappear one by one until your home screen is completely empty.

Once done, reboot your PlayBook, and you’ll see everything returned to the home screen, albeit without any of the folders that you may have previously made.


  1. please don’ try this ever because i have done and waste my playbook into bin
    without any file try to live

    • Nicbecbel says

      Can someone please demonstrate a video showing proof that it works

      • I can’t provide a video, but I can reassure you that it works flawlessly – I’ve had to do it twice, myself, and had instant success with both attempts.

        • Ma.hazel lingan says

          How to reboot the playbook?pls i badly need an answer the playbook of my daughter and my niece has the same case the dock icons are all disappeared and if i put other icon it also disappeared…

    • Ravi kant kanchan says

      you may have done something else….it works man..

  2. Nicbecbel says

    It totally works thanks man it’s just more proof and another customer satisfied

    • I’m glad to hear it, and thanks for getting back to us with your results! Happy PlayBooking 🙂

      • are you sure abt this
        should I really drag all the icons to the shortcut bar and restart the playbook will I be able to retrieve all my icons back. I am too scared to do this as incase this doesnt work i’ll have nothing left all gone situation pls help 🙁

  3. thumb up for you man that a great job it work like a magic never believe you before thank God i give it a trial
    thank you once again keep it up man

  4. Jen Labiano says

    Thanks so much!!!! it worked 🙂

  5. If i remove all apps into dock such as videos and pictures will they all delete?

  6. Tell me stupid website

  7. It works .thanks a lot

  8. working man…
    thnks a lot…

  9. This works.. Just did it today… 14-01-26 .. Thank you very much for this. Rob

  10. awesome ,this really did work for me ,, it all came back , good as new.
    no longer a need for me to enter into panic mode 🙂
    thanks so very very much .

  11. Thanks for this tip, I was worried that I would have to do a full restore, and lose all my side-loaded apps and games, but this worked a treat, after my young daughter decided to start moving the icons! Thanks again.

  12. akshay oswal says

    I m jst trying dis right now let c wht happens!!!

  13. akshay oswal says

    Dis works….

  14. manoj negi says

    thanks a lot mate…it worked like nothing ever happened ..i wasnt sure untill i entered password.

  15. Ravi kant kanchan says

    thanks a lot….really it works..

  16. Omg I’m crying right now ..omg i’m really really really thankful to you. Jeongmal kamsahamnida. Komawoyong~~ really, tears of joy. It’s just minutes ago since i lost an important app that affected all of my favorite files. Omg i don’t know what to say, just THANK YOU VERY MUCH muah muah

  17. Sathyanarayanan Alisseril says

    Thanks for this easy and cool solution. Even people at Blackberry didn’t seem to know this. I have searched their device support forum and the solution they gave there was a complicated one and you loose all the downloaded apps with that.

    This solution really WORKS. THIS ONE REALLY WORKS!!!!

  18. David Munro says

    Fantastic – music all back and disaster averted. Many, many thanks.

  19. Before I tried it,I was shitting my pants but it WORKS like a charm.THANKS!!!!!

  20. It does work mate. Thanks for the advise.

  21. my playbook shows no icon at all only browser please help cause it was after a wipe

  22. I tried it while thinking it was crazy but it really happened . Thanks guys.

  23. John Erik Distor says

    Great!! I just ruined everything!

  24. Same Situation as : My Playbook shows no icon, only browser and setup. Please help me I just got it.
    I’m waiting please

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