Best WordPress RSS Plugin: Super RSS Reader

When it comes to displaying RSS feeds on your WordPress blog, there is a long list of plugins to choose from, not to mention the built-in widget that handles the same function in widgetized areas of your theme. When it comes to advanced options and styling, though, you’ll need the best of the best in order to display the RSS data the way that you want to, and that’s where Super RSS Reader comes in.

Super RSS Reader Review

Before we delve into what the Super RSS Reader plugin can do for your WordPress installation, let’s skip right the bottom line (no pun intended): there are no costs associated with using it. You can donate if you like, but it’s absolutely free to use.

Super RSS Reader is a jQuery-based plugin, displaying RSS feeds in any widgetized area of your WordPress site with all of the options you need to customize the look and feel of how things are displayed – options sorely lacking from the default RSS display options in WordPress. Best among those options is the ability to mash up multiple feeds into a single stream, allowing you to serve feeds that are as unique as your readers, with content coming from as many sources as you like. [adsense_id=”1″]

Other options include:

  • News ticket effect (optional)
  • Support for feeds separated by tabs in a single widget
  • 3 built-in color styles, plus easy-to-edit CSS
  • Display an associated image with each feed entry (optional)
  • Mash multiple feeds together

Combined with your ability to increase the rate at which WordPress refreshes your embedded feeds, there is very little that you can’t achieve with the Super RSS Reader plugin. You can get a very good look at what Super RSS Reader does by checking out this demo video created by its makers:


  1. Can this plugin be used on a page instead of on a widget?

  2. good plugin..,

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