WordPress Plugin for Exams and Tests: Watu

If you want to run a quiz, exam, or test in your blog this plugin called Watu will do the work quickly and easily. It’s fairly simple to get started: 1. Create your test Install the plugin, and activate it first of course. Then go to Tools -> Watu Exams and create one. The only […]

How To Choose A Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

When it comes to choosing a web hosting plan one needs to tread very carefully, the reason being that a web hosting plan determines a site’s capabilities and its ability to provide a consistent user experience. So if you do not have the right hosting plan, you could end up losing a lot of visitors […]

First 100 Domains Ever Registered

With the modern web playing host to more than 200 millions domain names doing business worth billions of dollars each year, there isn’t a single web developer among us who doesn’t wish that we could have jumped on the bandwagon just a little earlier. No these guys, though! Here are the first 100 domains ever […]

cPanel & WHM: A Fresh Perspective

When utilizing a particular piece of software over a long period, most of us tend to get used to things. In the case of Web Host Manager, more commonly known as WHM, that is exactly the case for me, and most likely millions of other users, as well; I had simply come to accept its […]

VPS or Dedicated Server: Which is Right For Me?

When a website outgrows the capabilities offered by a shared server hosting plan, a precarious situation arises before the webmaster, forcing you to choose between going for a dedicated server hosting plan, or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan. Unfortunately, given their similarities, making a choice in such a scenario is not an easy […]

How to Download MP3s From YouTube

YouTube has quickly become the world’s largest repository of free multimedia, making it one of the world’s most popular websites by that virtue alone. Still, for everything YouTube has to offer, it does require that you’re there, connected to the internet, in order to enjoy music and videos. Thankfully, we live in an age of […]

$3.99 .com + Free Private Registration

One of the biggest gripes that people have when registering a domain is the fact that it instantly exposes your identity, address and all. While this is suitable for businesses, it can be potentially hazardous to bloggers and others who have no need to directly advertise their identity online. So-called private registration has been available […]

How to Upload Banned File Types to WordPress Media Library

When working with WordPress, most users find that the media library is one of the most helpful features they could ask for. From sorting pictures and videos with helpful, searchable descriptions, to storing files in your own personal cloud, the WordPress media manager is useful is a variety of ways, limited only by one’s needs […]

Fabric WordPress Theme Review

Presenting a woven style that is pleasingly unique among modern web design, the Fabric WordPress theme for the Genesis framework offers you a beautiful and highly functional tapestry through which to weave your content, making for incredible results. Looking like something that should be hanging on the wall of a medieval villa, the Fabric theme […]

Selling Made Easy: GoDaddy Shopping Cart

Whether you’re a freelancer selling their services, a designer pushing templates and themes, or a hard product seller with items to ship, you’ve already got your mind in a million places at once – there simply isn’t any time left in the day to be messing around with payment solutions on your website. [adsense_id=”1″] Thankfully, […]