MoolaMojo – A Virtual Currency Plugin for WordPress

I stumbled upon a new interesting WordPress plugin – MoolaMojo. It’s one of these little systems that let you reward points (virtual credits, coins, whatever you like to call it) to users for doing various actions on your site. The plugin comes with some pre-built actions like logging in, posting a comment, clicking on link […]

Review of 5 WordPress Plugins for Hotels

If you are a hotel owner with no web presence you can buy some of the hotel reservation systems + front-end for few thousand dollars yearly fee. If you have a large hotel I recommend you to do this expense. Not that the websites these systems generate are so great but their reservation and room […]

How To Use Contact Form 7 To Subscribe For Newsletter

Do you know which is the most popular WordPress plugin for contact forms? It takes a second to check the most popular plugin list at and figure out this is Contact Form 7. The plugin has been downloaded nearly 18 million times. Quite impressive. And this is for a good reason – Contact Form […]

Building a Jazzy Quiz UI With jQuery and CSS

I often need to customize existing software and plugins. Recently had to apply flashy UI for one of the most popular WordPress quiz plugins – WatuPRO. Instead of selecting radio buttons and checkboxes and radio buttons, the user had to be able to click on rectangles and get a correct / incorrect checkmark right away. And […]

The Quick Start Guide To WordPress URLs and Paths: How To Include Scripts and Files

One thing that confuses a lot of WordPress theme designers and plugin developers is including files, templates, and javascript libraries. The official documentation has all the information but looking at the number of themes and plugins who get it so wrong I think it’s not well structured. Don’t worry. This guide will clear it up. […]

The Top 10 Steps To Make Your PHP Site Secure

Are you afraid to put your PHP site online because it’s unsafe? We have all been there. It’s easy to frighten when reading horror stories about hacked sites, leaked user data and so on. Probably every site can be hacked, no matter how well it’s protected. But having the most important security measures in your […]

11 New Joomla Extensions That Will Be Big

Don’t forget Joomla! It’s a monster in a good way. We usually discuss WordPress here which creates the false impression that it’s the only good CMS. It’s not. Joomla! is still one of the most powerful and at the same time easy to use (unlike Drupal) content management systems. And there are tons of great […]

Signs That Warn You about Your Computer’s Condition!

Computer crash may seem to be something that has happened suddenly, without a prior warning. However, it is not the case. Your computer might have been warning you, but with little knowledge you might have neglected it. So, to avoid the loss in a bigger shape, it is better to have a vigilance to detect […]

ShopWhat WordPress Theme Review

This time I am reviewing a theme from AnyWP – ShopWhat. ShopWhat is a theme for ecommerce sites built with WordPress. The price of this theme is really low – only $18 – unless you prefer the bundle of all AnyWP themes for $60. The ShopWhat theme itself looks good and is responsive – which […]

Review of 3 WordPress Autoresponder Plugins

This is a review of the 3 best (in my opinion) newsletter and auto responder plugins for WordPress. There might be better newsletter handling ones, but my strong emphasis here will be on auto responder features because auto responders are very powerful for selling. So if you want to make money with your blog, you […]