AgentPress WordPress Theme Review

AgentPress WordPress ThemeReal estate is a hot business right now, and the competition is stiffer than ever all around North America, but combining WordPress with the AgentPress theme, built on the Genesis framework, is an easy way to give yourself a boost above your colleagues!

Considered the premiere WordPress theme for real estate agents, AgentPress brings together the best in style, optimization, and real estate-specific features in order to make managing your realty website easy, even while producing astounding results that will get your clients, both existing and potential, excited about what you’ve got to offer.

Besides a range of color palettes, home page options, and page layouts, AgentPress also brings full IDX integration to the table, giving you the ability to automatically include new listings on your site, allowing your clients to search properties based on real estate-specific variables like house size, property size, number of bedrooms, and many more.

Whether you want to showcase only your properties, or you want to provide your visitors with a full real estate search and find experience, you won’t find an easier way to do it all on your own than AgentPress!

Notable Features of AgentPress

  • Threaded comments and featured image functionality built in
  • 5 color styles
  • 6 page layouts
  • Full IDX integration for easy listing management

Click here to learn more about the AgentPress theme for WordPress!


  1. Hello- I see that you said this agentpress theme is responsive but it is not. I am trying to figure out how to make it responsive now, very little online to do so and no plug ins mentioned either.

    • I’m sorry, Steve – my mistake! There is a mobile responsive update in the works for AgentPress, but, as I understand it, there are some problems with non-responsive elements imported from third parties for listings that don’t allow for it at this time.

      I’ve modified the review accordingly, thanks for the heads up!

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