4 Tips to Utilize StumbleUpon Traffic

Last time in our series on StumbleUpon, we explored the ins and outs of using Paid Discovery, StumbleUpon’s paid advertising service. In this, the final part of a three-piece series, we’ll take a look at five tips to help you make the most out of your StumbleUpon traffic.

[adsense_id=”1″] The key to utilizing Stumblers is to focus on designing your website and its content so that it draws your visitors in within the first few seconds of their landing on your page. Sometimes, that’s all the time you have to make an impression and encourage them to “like” your page or perform any other positive action – StumbleUpon users are known as a fickle bunch, after all, as each of them has another, potentially more interesting website only a click away.

Here are some tips that will help you capture their attention:

Tip #1: Clearly Define Your Blog’s Subject Matter

You need to be clear about the subject matter of your blog. If your blog looks cluttered, or has too many categories, it could confuse the visitor and end up costing you a “like.” Be exceptionally clear about what your blog is about and what type of content you have on tap; if your visitor can see exactly what your blog is about within the first few minutes of visiting, they are more likely to stay and look around, not to mention return to your site.

Tip #2: Eye Candy

Everything about your blog is important, especially above the fold – that is, the top half of your landing page, the very first thing your visitors see. Make sure it is crisp and attractive, outlining the point of the page quickly and clearly, and displaying a memorable logo or tag line.

As far as overall design goes, you’ll need a theme that accurately represents the subject of your blog, but is also attractive and professional. Don’t use the theme that comes by default with your blog, but rather take the time to scout out an alternative replacement so that your blog appears to be unique and worth investigating.

Tip #3: Content Is King

Don’t start advertising your blog until you have enough content to justify a visit. You want your visitor to spend as much time on your site as possible, so be sure to include at least a few categories and a handful of posts before you even consider a marketing campaign.

Tip #4: Pretend You Have A Captive Audience

Be sure to put your best effort into your blog. Even while you might feel as though you are talking to yourself when you first create your blog (and you most likely are), remember that every article – indeed, every bit of content that you publish – must be interesting to those in your niche.

Do not skip this by plugging in saturated PLR articles or messy, badly written guest posts that you purchased somewhere. Take the time to write your own content, and write it well – your visitors will notice the difference, we promise.

If you follow these tips as you go about the business of building your blog and catering to your visitors, you will increase your chances of having a successful advertising campaign with StumbleUpon, paid or otherwise. Taking the time to create the best blog possible will indicate to your Stumblers that your blog is a useful resource that is both informative and unique.

After all, if they can get the same information elsewhere, why would they stay at your site?

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