3 Web Dev Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook

Editor’s Note: Yes, I realize that I harp on the BlackBerry PlayBook a bit (I just happen to own and love one!), but we’ll be touching on iOS and Android lots in the future, as well.

The BlackBerry PlayBook continues to gain in popularity, even if only due to its super low price, finding its way into the hands of tech geeks everywhere. If you’re a PlayBook owner with a lean towards towards web development, here are three must-use apps that should be on your radar:

1. PlayBook Browser

Admittedly, this one barely needs mentioning given that it comes preinstalled on the PlayBook and ranks as the one and only browser option for the device, the PlayBook browser is a powerful tool for everything that takes place on the web, development included.

Featuring full Flash and HTML5 support, the PlayBook browser provides a great mobile platform on which to test your creations, and its easy-to-surf interface make working within even complicated environments – a WordPress backend, or cPanel, for example – a relative breeze.

2. ConnectBot SSH

If your development efforts take you right to the root of things (pun intended), ConnectBot SSH is a simple app that lets you connect to your remote service via a secure shell, giving you full access and unlimited ability.

3. Repose Editor Free

While it’s tough to recommend coding on a touchscreen, it helps to have the best possible app if you need to, and Repose Editor is a great option for the PlayBook. More than just a text editor, Repose offers a full integrated development environment (IDE), supporting clear and easy-to-search coding of HTML, XML, PHP, SQL, Python, Javascript, Java, JSON, Ruby, and anything else you can throw at it!

The one downside to this free version of Repose Editor is that it gives you only a 48 hour trial before you’re prompted to upgrade to the full version at a cost of $3.99, but you’ll have lots of time to determine whether or not the upgrade is worth it!

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