2 Webmaster Forums You Should Visit

When it comes to working on and developing for the web, the single best source of everything from motivation to in-depth instruction are the popular webmaster forums to be found around the interweb. No matter your niche and level and area of expertise, you’ll find millions of like-minded people available to share tips, stories, and know-how about every topic imaginable.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of these forums to choose from, to be sure, but there are a few in particular that stand out for their unique userbases. Here are two of the best webmaster forums to join for bloggers and web engineers alike:

1. DigitalPoint

One of my personal all-time favorite webmaster forums is DigitalPoint, a community that I’ve belonged to since 2005. As a low-skilled web designer and coder at the time, my entrance to the world of being a web professional was cushioned beautifully by the great people at DigitalPoint, giving me the opportunity to ask, read, and learn from the very best of my colleagues without ever getting up from my desk. I think it’s fair to say that I would have become discouraged without that aid, to the point, even, of giving up on my dream to achieve financial independence online.

Given its sheer size, DigitalPoint plays host to people at every level of expertise in every niche out there, so it’s also made for a fantastic place to evolve and improve, growing with me at every step, and always helping me to feel as if I were moving forward in my online efforts.

Squishy feelings aside, DigitalPoint also offers a very busy marketplace for the sale of domains, website, content, services – everything under the sun. If you’ve got something to sell, at any level or price, the very freeness of participating in the DigitalPoint marketplace makes it the first place that you should stop to hawk your wares.


2. DNForum

For the domain connoisseur in all of us, this is the community for you – the people at DNForum really, really know their domains. Fantastic organization makes for individual forums for each type of domain, and a busy marketplace allows for the sale of domains with prices ranging from $1 to upwards of $1 million.

The people here are particularly helpful to those looking to valuate domains that they may wish to sell, providing you with deep insight into the many facets of being a successful domainer, and you’ll be able to sell both domains and websites with a feeling of confidence in knowing that you stopped into DNForum for advice before letting it leave your portfolio.

If you’re a domainer who will participate in the discussion at only one webmaster forum, it should be DNForum.

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