11 New Joomla Extensions That Will Be Big

Don’t forget Joomla! It’s a monster in a good way. We usually discuss WordPress here which creates the false impression that it’s the only good CMS. It’s not. Joomla! is still one of the most powerful and at the same time easy to use (unlike Drupal) content management systems. And there are tons of great extensions for Joomla which can extend it further.

Here I’ll tell you about 11 new ones that have the potential to be huge.

1. Pretty Content

Price: $18

URL: http://oasissolutions.co.in/joomla-extensions/extensions/pretty-content.html

This extension is just added in the official Joomla repository and is already popular. The primary idea of this plugin is to allow you beautify your content regardless of the Joomla template used. It solves one of the common problems with Joomla – not enough control over the content design. So I believe it’s going to be big.

2. LMS King

Price: $129 – $349

URL: http://www.king-products.net/index.php?option=com_digistore&view=digistoreproducts&layout=list&Itemid=112

Yet another extension that’s starting great. Using Joomla as learning management system has long history thanks mostly to Joomdle, but Joomdle is just a bridge to the huge and hard to use Moodle. LMS King on the other hand is complete LMS with quizzes, SCORM support, extensions, and so on. The price will be a bit steep for some webmaster though.

3. BT Media Gallery

Price: $25

URL: http://bowthemes.com/joomla-extensions/bt-media-gallery.html

This is a multimedia component which lets you easily embed images from various sources. Adds categorization, tags, social element (ratings, shares), different layouts and so on. Very useful if you have a picture-heavy site.

4. Freestyle Includes: Code

Price: $0 – $30

URL: http://freestyle-joomla.com/products/includes/code

This is big because it allows higher level of customization without the need to write complex modules and components. The plugin will come really handy for developers and site owners that know how to deal with PHP, Javascript or HTML, but aren’t familiar with Joomla’s developers API. The plugin has a free and pro version.

5. minHead

Price: Free

URL: http://dev.alfazeta.com/resources/minhead-joomla-site-output-optimization-plugin

This is small but very important plugin. Joomla sites are often criticized about being slow. minHead will help you not be slow by letting you minimize the requests sent to server for CSS, javascript etc. It doesn’t just combine files but also minimizes them on the fly which makes your site load less KB on the user’s device. Mobile broadband users will thank you for this 🙂

6. AlarmSystem

Price: Free

URL: http://www.joomla-specialist.net/joomla-extensions/joomla-alarm-system.html

AlarmSystem is already popular and rated by Joomla users. The extension is very useful for sites that got attacked by hackers because it adds extra security to the administrator’s login. If your site is important for you, it’s recommended to try AlarmSystem.

7. Super Image Accordion

Price: $11

URL: http://shop.magicpoint.org/products/Super-Image-Accordion.html

While there are a bunch of image sliders for HTML and WordPress, these for Joomla aren’t many. This is one of the promising plugins – very easy to use and at the same time flexible enough to handle most of the configurations you may want from a slideshow accordion. And it’s very affordable, almost free.

8. Joresponder

Price: Free

URL: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/contacts-and-feedback/email/25219

This is a new and free email autoresponder and newsletter software. Although pretty simple for the moment, it is useful enough to let you start marketing campaigns, email based courses, etc. Knowing the developers behind this project I am pretty sure it has bright future.

9. Extended Vote

Price: Free

URL: http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/voteext/

This plugin lets your visitors vote stuff on your site. Simple, configurable and customizable.

10. Pretty Articles

Price: $18

URL: http://oasissolutions.co.in/joomla-extensions/extensions/pretty-articles.html

This module is made by the authors of Pretty Content mentioned in the beginning of this post. Its idea is similar but is focused on articles. Both these extensions give great flexibility and can make your site look very different than a default Joomla installation.

11. UberTOC

Price: $16

URL: http://codecanyon.net/item/ubertoc-a-responsive-joomla-faq-and-toc-module/4652531

If your site is large you need this. If you sell something on your Joomla site, you need it as well. Publishing FAQ and table of contents can make your site a lot more organized and save you from multiple emails with the same questions all the time. The table of contents is auto-generated, you don’t need to write it yourself. At the price of $16 this plugin is a steal.

If you have already used some of these, let me know your thoughts!

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